30 March 2014

bellabox march review

Last month, I decided to sign up for the monthly beauty box subscription, bellabox
For $15 a month, a little Tiffany Blue box full of goodies gets sent out, with 5 little surprises to test and try.

Not every box sent out is identical and it's like a grown up version of lucky dip!! You can cancel your subscription at any time (but why would you want to?? You'd have to be crazy...), so there is no need to be worried about being locked into a contract.

For those of you with littles, the company also have a Baby Box subscription, bellababy, and a Men's box, bellabox for Men (lookout, Jarrod!), which both work the same way as the original box.

This is what I received in my March bellabox:
{minus one lip balm I realised was still in my handbag after I took the pics. But dont worry, that will feature later!}

Modelco Party Proof Matte Lipstick in Smitten $16.95
St Tropez Gradual Tan in Medium/Dark $33.96 (for full size)
Wotnot Facial Wipes for Sensitive Skin $7.95 for a 25 pack
Coconut Revolution Lip Balm Pot in Cherry $7.95 

The amazing thing about bellabox is that all the products that are sent out are available to purchase with ease on their website. So if there is a product that you fall in love with after trialling the sample, you can go right ahead and purchase it without trying to hunt for it at your local pharmacy or department store. 

See the entire range of products that were sent out this month here.

Now. For the reviews of the individual products!

First up : ModelCo Party Proof Lipstick

Bella Box Review

Modelco Party Proof
This lipstick is amazing! It is velvety-smooth and very easy to apply. I received a dark red wine colour, Smitten. It is definitely not an everyday colour, but it was nice to get a colour I wouldn't normally purchase, or didn't already have in my over the top lipstick collection...

I would suggest applying this colour or any colours similar with a lipstick brush, as I found it hard to get perfect without one. The mirror on the side of the product is perfect for on the go applications, and it is true to it's long-lasting claims. I didn't need to reapply the colour itself, but just freshened it up with a balmy topcoat.

I will definitely be purchasing a few other colours from this range, as the longevity would make it a perfect work lippy.

Next is the ever-so-popular St Tropez Tanner.
Bella Box Review
Those that know me would find it quite amusing that I received this as a part of my samples. I don't like to tan. Fake or real. I tend to rock the 'Snow White' look all year round and will only participate in the tanning trend if I am required to be slightly tanned for a photo shoot or parade.

I did, however, patch test for you. This product does not smell like most at home tanners. If I had smelt it without knowing what it was, I would have guessed just a normal cream. It is very smooth to apply, and sinks in rather quickly which I thought was great, as some you literally feel like you have to stand like a scarecrow for an hour or two until it has sunk in.

The section I tested it on turned an even shade, and though it was definitely too dark for my skin, I can see it working on some of my darker skinned friends. If I ever needed to apply a tan, I would definitely give this brand a go in the light/medium shade.

Next up is Pantene Aqua Light Shampoo and Conditioner.
Pantene Aqua Light
I was slightly disappointed that this was a part of my box as I (or my crazy hair) have never been a fan of the Pantene range. Sorry Pantene lovers!

I did give this a go for 2 washes, and I didn't like it. Keep in mind that my hair is super curly, super thick and just all round C R A Z Y , so for those of you with normal hair and don't need extra moisture this could be a great option, as it is silicone, dye and paraben free. I applaud Pantene for going down this route, as it is becoming such a big point of sale influencer for products to be natural, organic and free of nasties.

I wouldn't say not to buy this product - I think if you are a Pantene user already, this would be a great new product for you to try.

Next, Wotnot Facial Wipes.
Bella Box Review
These wipes are great. I don't use wipes on a daily basis, but find them useful to have on hand for days when I wear more makeup than normal or for traveling.

They have a very pleasant, yet almost no-existent scent and don't leave the skin feeling dry or damaged like some facewipes do. The fact that they are natural and organic make them even more appealing.

I will definitely be purchasing these in full size for future use - they are the best face wipes I have used!

And finally, Coconut Revolution Lip Balm.
Bella Box Review
I  L O V E this balm. That is probably the reason I left it out of the shot -  it was in my bag as I've been using it non stop since I received it.

The cherry version (also comes in original) smells quite delicious, moisturises lips beautifully and also gives a touch of colour...what more could a girl want in a balm?? I will be trying all of this range (it also comes in a stick version for those of you that like to keep your fingers clean) and I have a feeling it will be my 'go-to' brand for lip balms for many years.

So, there you have it, my March bellabox review!! I highly recommend other beauty product addicts to sign up to this fun subscription. It's like Christmas once a month around here... Sign up here and join in all of the fun.

Stay beautiful, lovelies!

B xxx

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