belle | beau is a blog about all things beautiful. 

Brooke Walker & Francie Longo are the girls behind belle | beau, and they share a love of beautiful things. The girls became fast friends years ago while working in the fashion industry and this is their space on the www to share inspirations with likeminded others. 

Francie, now a mum of two littles, has an extensive background in fashion retail 
and has managed and merchandised for several top Australian brands. 
She is taking time off her career to raise her beautiful babies (and doing so with style).

Brooke is a Teacher of little ones, and worked in fashion throughout her studies. 
She has a love of denim & stripes and a weakness for expensive beauty products & hats. 

"We started belle | beau as a little summer project, and a place to share everything that inspires us to lead the most beautiful lifestyle we can. We hope you enjoy your time spent here"

Brooke and Francie xxx


  1. Love it! I have two little ones as well, & stay home with them. I'm just getting into blogging & finding it hard to focus & have time! I have a teaching degree, & always worked in the fashion industry as well! We have so much in common, happy we found each other!

    Summer Dawn

  2. Oh my gosh that is crazy! So much in common.
    Yes now that I am back at school Francie and I will sit down and work out a blogging schedule and stick to that each week - it is hard to find the time, but find we get much enjoyment out of it so it's worth it :)
    Good luck with your blog - look forward to reading more of your posts.

    Brooke xx