11 May 2014

happy mother's day

Happy Mother's Day to all of our beautiful readers and followers!! We appreciate all of the support and encouragement we have received from old and new friends since launching belle | beau in February.

As a thank-you, we have teamed up with Lust Have It!, and have a fabulous offer for everyone.

Lust Have It! is a monthly beauty box subscription, and we have a $5 off promotion running for our readers. Simply hop over to their website, enter the code  BELLEBEAU at checkout.

They are affiliated with many amazing brands, and it is so exciting to wait for your box to arrive each month.

We hope you enjoy this little treat, and that all of our Mummy readers have a beautiful Mother's Day. 

B & F xxx

nb :  this is a promotion in conjunction with lusthaveit.com.au, and we were approached by them to create this special deal. However, as always, all opinions are our own xxx

16 April 2014

the body book

When I heard that Cameron Diaz was going to release a book about diet and exercise, I immediately shelved it as yet another celebrity documentation of what to eat, how to exercise and how to look like them.
It wasn't until I was wandering around my local Target that I actually picked the book up and had a flick through. With a 'here we go...' mentality, I got a rather pleasant surprise when I started to take in what was written on the pages.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron (with the help of various professionals in certain fields) has written a 'nutrition and exercise for dummies' type book and has explained in detail (but not too much to get her readers lost!) the science behind what we put into our bodies and how it effects how we feel.
The book was born from her own journey - she was a self-confessed 'junk food addict' until the age of 26, and she couldn't believe the difference she noticed & how much better her body worked when she started to look after herself.

Ever wondered why you feel so icky after skipping breakfast, or not drinking enough water? Yes, it is constantly drilled into us that it is bad for us to create habits such as those, but I would put money on many of us not knowing why. Even me, with a third of a nutrition degree under my belt (I have had an interesting journey to becoming a teacher!!) couldn't have told you why with a convincing answer.

Cameron Diaz
^^gorgeous cameron at a book signing^^
The book also goes into detail on what foods effect your skin in a negative and positive manner, how to combat down moods and also how to keep you energy levels up through both diet and exercise.

The final chapter entitled 'Mind : You've Got This', helps to put all of the information that has been presented into realistic goals, with tips on how to break old habits and combat the temptations that are presented to us in our daily lives.

Cameron Diaz
^^the e-book version^^
This is not a 'weight-loss' book, like many, many other celebrity titles out there. This book is like a beautiful gift of information and education, and we can decide how we want to use this gift. Yes - if you follow what has been written, you will most likely lose weight as it is all about being healthy. But the health component is what is the star of this story, and coming from a celebrity, that is oh-so refreshing!

You can pick up a copy (and I would highly suggest you do!) from your local bookstore, online, or like me - from Target for $21.00. An e-book version is also available for those of you that prefer that way of reading.

To Cameron (and team) : thank you, what a fantastic read.

B xx

30 March 2014

bellabox march review

Last month, I decided to sign up for the monthly beauty box subscription, bellabox
For $15 a month, a little Tiffany Blue box full of goodies gets sent out, with 5 little surprises to test and try.

Not every box sent out is identical and it's like a grown up version of lucky dip!! You can cancel your subscription at any time (but why would you want to?? You'd have to be crazy...), so there is no need to be worried about being locked into a contract.

For those of you with littles, the company also have a Baby Box subscription, bellababy, and a Men's box, bellabox for Men (lookout, Jarrod!), which both work the same way as the original box.

This is what I received in my March bellabox:
{minus one lip balm I realised was still in my handbag after I took the pics. But dont worry, that will feature later!}

Modelco Party Proof Matte Lipstick in Smitten $16.95
St Tropez Gradual Tan in Medium/Dark $33.96 (for full size)
Wotnot Facial Wipes for Sensitive Skin $7.95 for a 25 pack
Coconut Revolution Lip Balm Pot in Cherry $7.95 

The amazing thing about bellabox is that all the products that are sent out are available to purchase with ease on their website. So if there is a product that you fall in love with after trialling the sample, you can go right ahead and purchase it without trying to hunt for it at your local pharmacy or department store. 

See the entire range of products that were sent out this month here.

Now. For the reviews of the individual products!

25 March 2014

tuesday trends : for love & lemons

We are S O in love with the For Love & Lemons label, and their latest Land of Eternal Spring look-book.

The Los Angeles based line, designed by Gillian Mahin & Laura Hall, could be described as 'modern day gypsy' and features a lot of daring lace, clashing colours and prints. 

The location of the recent shoot & the chosen model (gorgeous Carola Remer) are both perfect to showcase this beautiful collection, and we can't stop looking through the gorgeous images.

We tried to pick our top 10, but it was impossible...

 ^^ this.colour ^^

24 March 2014

sunday funday & a recipe

So, this blog could never be called a food blog in any way, shape or form, as we both consider a glass of red, some crackers and camembert cheese a well rounded meal .

However, I do want to share this gluten free savoury muffin recipe with you all, as it is simply delicious. I try to stay as gluten free as possible, as it just makes me feel better, but I do love my sourdough and rye breads , so I give into the 'devil' (as my sister, Zoe so fondly calls it) every now and again.

I served these muffins at the little Oscars Party I had a few weeks back, and they were a hit with all - gluten lovers included.

Sun-dried tomato & herb muffins : 

1 1/2 cups gluten free self-raising flour
1 teaspoon gluten free baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon dried oregano or 1 1/2 tablespoons finely grated parmesan cheese
2 tablespoons chopped basil and/or spinach
1 1/2 cups finely chopped sun-dried tomatoes
80g softened butter
2 eggs
3/4 cup milk

Preheat the oven to 190 degrees and prep a muffin tray. 
Combine dry ingredients first, then mix in the herbs/cheese & tomatoes. 
Beat (or stir!! this is what I do and it works fine) butter & eggs together and then add milk. 

Mix the wet ingredients into the other bowl and stir together. Divide the mixture evenly between each section 

Cook for 15-18 mins and serve when warm for the yummiest results!! {Makes 6-8 large muffins.} 

I have also added sweet potato and feta cheese to this recipe and that turns out delicious too. 

Last weekend we spent the entire Sunday down at the South Perth Foreshore with some lovely friends. 

18 March 2014

tuesday trends : stylish sunnies

We love adding to our eyewear collection here at belle | beau. Today we are having a look at some of our favourite frames for this coming season.

The looks that are on trend are quite varied - from cat eye (which is proving to be a strong contender in the style stakes for the 4th year in a row!) to flat top, there is something for everyone available at the moment.

 ^^ we are both fans of the 'cat eye' shape ^^

^^ these gorgeous Mui Mui sunglasses are from 2011...
as you can see, they are still very on trend ^^

We believe that sunglasses should be investment pieces, and we are both prepared to hand over quite a bit of hard earned cash for that perfect pair. If you are after a statement pair for a particular event or to just have some fun in, check retailers such as Witchery & Sportsgirl as they have a high rotation of styles that are usually copies of the designer frames and cost a fraction of the price. 

Below are our picks from various designers and retailers. We could have gone on and on, but capped it at 8 pairs for you to browse through. Noone needs a mile long post on a Tuesday Evening!

17 March 2014

snippets of life lately

Just a few pictures we have pulled from our iPhones & personal instagram accounts from the past few weeks.

We hope everyone has a beautiful start to their week.

B & F xxx
belle beau
belle beau
belle beau
belle beau
belle beau
belle beau

12 March 2014

new coffee bar : engine room espresso

I've never had a coffee in my life!! Never ever!! Not even a taste... So the whole 'I can't function until I've had my coffee' thing is foreign to me.  I do, however, have a husband who would call himself a 'coffee snob' and doesn't leave the house without 3 espressos consumed. Steve would have to be the toughest coffee critic around and on the rare occasion he says he enjoyed his coffee, we know we must be onto a winner.

Enter Engine Room Espresso :

^^ the rockstar gives his thumbs up ^^

Engine Room Espresso recently got the tick of approval. I am even tempted to give the coffee a go!
Run by 3 firemen (hence the name), it opened last week, & is a boutique coffee shop in the heart of North Perth. It should most definitely be on your list of 'coffee shops to visit'.

^^ work in progress ^^

^^ love the cups! simple & understated are often the most eye catching & memorable ^^

^^ firemen /slash/ baristas ^^

Open weekdays from 6am and Saturdays by 7am - closing time being when you stop coming!

Engine Room Espresso has a really cosy feel to it and although it is small, it has everything you need in an espresso bar. Sit outside in the renovated laneway and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Go and check it out!!! 450c Fitzgerald Street, North Perth.

Follow on facebook and instagram

Enjoy your coffee!

xx F

Ps.... The view (of the baristas) isn't too bad...hehe

10 March 2014

tuesday trends : mlm the label

MLM is a relatively new Australian clothing label headed by designer Julia Softley. The colour palette could be described as monochrome, with black & white being the key players each season. MLM create a lot of fun basics, as well as pretty key pieces each season to add to your wardrobe. The brand also design shoes and other accessories that are a must see.

"MLM is a contemporary women's wear label that has become well recognised for its authentic take on modern and feministic dressing.

Designed for sartorially intuitive women, MLM draws inspiration from style icons past and present to create collections that are modern, edgy and forever wearable." - mlmlabel.com

Team Tee Kate Moss
^^ We love their creative 'play on words' t-shirts of this season & the 'Team Tee' of 
last year was ever so popular! ^^

We have sifted through the new arrivals and picked out our favourites. 
^^ we love this take on the givenchy 'bambi' collection. very clever! ^^
 ^^ um. totally agree ^^
 ^^ double denim at it's best ^^

 ^^ stripe perfection ^^
 ^^ cruella ^^ 

 ^^ isn't this dress divine? front view ^^
^^ back view ^^

MLM is available online, at David Jones nationwide, as well as select boutiques around the country {see stockist details here}. 

Happy Shopping Beauties!

B & F xxx

nb : photos are not our own | sourced from www.mlmlabel.com

6 March 2014

the long weekend

I know it is almost the weekend again, but my Long Weekend last week was too beautiful not to share with you all.

Belle Beau Lifestyle

On the Sunday, we caught up with some great friends for a bit of a tradition that we like to call 'Super Seafood Sunday'. The men go to 'hunt & gather' with the kids at the amazing local seafood shop, Seafresh Myaree, while the ladies stay home and prep (or drink champagne and chat...shhh).

We try to organise it for the middle of each school term (we are all teachers, believe it or not) and this particular time it also coincided with the Point Walter Concert which occurs down on the beautiful Attadale Foreshore.

Super Seafood Sunday has become a tradition that both Jarrod & I look forward to each term as a way to break up the routine that we seem to get into once school (& football!!) is back. 

 ^^princess j^^
^^ the tiger ^^
Wide Brim Hat
 ^^ princess j photography ^^