6 March 2014

the long weekend

I know it is almost the weekend again, but my Long Weekend last week was too beautiful not to share with you all.

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On the Sunday, we caught up with some great friends for a bit of a tradition that we like to call 'Super Seafood Sunday'. The men go to 'hunt & gather' with the kids at the amazing local seafood shop, Seafresh Myaree, while the ladies stay home and prep (or drink champagne and chat...shhh).

We try to organise it for the middle of each school term (we are all teachers, believe it or not) and this particular time it also coincided with the Point Walter Concert which occurs down on the beautiful Attadale Foreshore.

Super Seafood Sunday has become a tradition that both Jarrod & I look forward to each term as a way to break up the routine that we seem to get into once school (& football!!) is back. 

 ^^princess j^^
^^ the tiger ^^
Wide Brim Hat
 ^^ princess j photography ^^
 ^^ our hunter / gatherers ^^
Seafood Entree
 ^^ Y U M  ^^
Seafood Entree

Seafood Entree

Fish Dish
^^ this photo does not do the poor fish justice. was scrumptious ^^
^^ this photo was taken at a previous catchup, but my precious friend kristy & 
i failed to get a photo together this time round..it is also fun to remember how 
delicious these cocktails were ^^

The Point Walter Concert is a free, community run annual event that is fun for the whole family. The kids can get their face painted, dance (there was a kid's silent disco there this year!) jump on bouncy castles and swim in this ocean-like part of the beautiful Swan River. The adults can relax with a vino and it is all concluded with a pretty fireworks show. 

Brooke Walker & Francie Longo

Brooke Walker & Francie Longo

  River Point Walter

Point Walter
^^ hat : mens section @ david jones
top : country road
skirt : country road

Brooke Walker & Francie Longo
^^ isn't this face painting amazing? such detail ^^

 ^^ pretty happy with his fairy floss ^^
 ^^ glow stick essentials ^^
 ^^ dusk ^^

Brooke Walker & Francie Longo
^^ a beautiful weekend wouldn't be complete with out this little guy ^^

If you follow us on instagram & Facebook, you would have seen a few photos from our Oscars viewing party. It was a fun morning with friends & Leo swizzlers (I love a theme) & I threw it together last minute as a friend was unable to host after realising she no longer had foxtel!

I decided to pay homage to the Red Carpet, and used splashes of red through the display table and food items. On the menu was:
  • Berry parfait
  • Popcorn in Movie Theatre Boxes
  • Gluten Free Sundried Tomato & Herb Muffins (will share this recipe in another post!!)
  • Red & White 'Movie Theatre' Lollies
  • Fruit Platter
  • Pomegranate Champagne Cocktails

Leo Dicaprio
 ^^ the delicious leo. and cocktail.. ^^
Oscars Party
 ^^ cheers to leo ^^
Oscars Party

Brooke Walker & Francie Longo
 ^^ i simply printed this image of leo and cut and laminated each circle. 
i purchased the lollypop sticks from spotlight & used a hot glue gun to
stick the image back & front to the stick. easy!! ^^
Oscars Party
 ^^ ellen being funny ^^
^^ oh the stress of waiting for the winner announcements! if only id snapped a photo when leo 
didn't get called to the stage. priceless ^^

And there you have my lovely weekend. Here's to the next one!!

B xxx

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