27 January 2014

long weekend essentials

Some essential beach items for the Australia Day Holiday. 

Enjoy the weekend everyone 

B & F xx

long weekend essentials

24 January 2014

all about the eyes

Keeping the skin around your eyes in tip-top condition can help to reduce and slow down the signs of ageing. It is important to start to look after your skin before it starts to age, rather than when you start to see the signs. The eyes are often the first thing a person looks at when meeting you  - so don't you want to give a great first impression??

Here are our pick of eye serums. Now, everyone has different needs when it comes to the eye area, so we would suggest having a chat to one of the lovely girls at your closest Mecca Cosmetica or Aesop store. Serums are not designed to be the only eye care used - they are best followed by complementing eye creams, especially if the skin is dehydrated. Like a face serum, eye serums are formulated to target particular skin issues such as dark circles and fine lines. 

Brooke's Pick:

Vitamin C Ester Eye Serum
Perricone MD
Vitamin C Ester Eye Serum
$82 from Mecca Cosmetica

21 January 2014

tuesday trends : shirt dress

We love a shirt dress here at belle | beau. Especially if it's denim.

This one sported by Brooke was a purchase years ago from Sportsgirl and has lasted the distance over a few seasons.

we also don't mind a bottle of bubbles or two. much to the Rockstar's disapproval.
Here are some current season finds to shop.

Denim Dress
ok, ok, not a complete shirt dress, but it's halfway there. plus its denim!

17 January 2014

proplenish : a review

ProPlenish is a relatively new anti-ageing product on the market, and I have been taking it religiously for the last 7 months. ProPlenish is a collagen supplement (in the form of Marine Collagen) that helps to replenish the collagen that our bodies (horribly!) slow down the production of as we go through our 20's. You can read more about the product here .

(alt="proplenish review"

16 January 2014

black tie event inspiration

I have worn this Carla Zampatti dress pictured to several events. It sure is a show stopper! 

I love using red when I have an event to go to - a colour I wouldn't normally turn to. Red lipstick( Nars Heat Wave is a favourite) and black OPI nails (we don't want to be too matchy-matchy) or a nude nail for a more classic look.

When wearing a red or bright lip, I like to leave the eyes as natural as possible, lined with black liquid eyeliner. 

I have 2 go- to hair styles for an event. One is side parted waves, the other is a classic ballet bun. This dress definately called for the later. 

When a dress is detailed , I like to keep the shoes timeless a nd simple. These Zara heels are a perfect example. 

B x

                      (alt="nars red lipstick")

Untitled #4

15 January 2014

walt disney world part 1 - the magic kingdom

A while back, my sisters and I took a trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.
We had the best time, and stayed for ten (!) nights at one of the Disney Resorts.

(alt="walt disney world")

(alt="walt disney world")
i highly suggest taking a cross-body style bag so your hands are free to take photos/hug characters. this mimco bag i purchased for the trip was the perfect companion whilst park hoping. shoes that strap your feet in are also a must...flip flops/thongs are a no-no for a full day of walking. i was SO shocked by how many people were hat-less whilst wandering the parks...sun smart is fashionable, people!

Since returning, I have been asked many times to provide suggestions and tips on how to plan a Walt Disney World (WDW) holiday. So with that in mind I have decided to create a series of posts over the next few months dedicated to planning a Walt Disney World Trip.

14 January 2014

tuesday trends.

Trending today : leopard loafers. Oh so very comfy.

Love B & F xx

SK-II facial treatment essence : a review

For the past 10 years I have been extremely diligent in my beauty regime. 
A lot of the items have been mixed up and changed through out that time, but my one constant has been SK II Facial Treatment Essence (FTE).

(alt="facial treatment essence")

FTE's main ingredient is Pitera (90%-read the background on Pitera here-it's quite amazing) FTE's nickname is 'Miracle Water' because of it's water like qualities and the way it works miracles on skin. 

I must admit, the first thing that enticed me to try the product was the marketing of the company. The peaches and cream complexion of Cate Blanchett staring out at me from the pages of glossy magazines wore me down, and I did some research on the brand. After reading some reviews on FTE, I decided to give it a go - and haven't looked back since. 

It gives my skin a gorgeous glow and is surprisingly hydrating for a product that isn't a cream. I use FTE morning and night, and it is the first thing I put on my skin after cleansing.

I use my hands to distribute a 20 cent piece sized drop over my face, using a patting motion. I let the goodness soak in for a few moments then follow with the rest of my products. I have somewhat sensitive skin and the product has not once irritated or broken out my skin. It also evens out my skin tone (a very important factor to me with combatting the ageing process!)

(alt="SKII review")
just wanted to show what my skin looks like with little makeup on - in this photo I have just concealer and a light mineral powder as cover on my face. 

13 January 2014

melbourne town

With family living on the east coast of Australia, we are lucky to be able to visit the city of Melbourne quite frequently.

Melbourne has taken a few trips to grow on me..being from 'The West' I am used to blue skies and warm weather. 
Melbourne is generally the opposite of that. 


Melbourne has a lot to offer that Perth doesn't. Cafes ... shops ... restaurants ... these all seem to have a bit more going for them than Perth's do. The Yarra is nothing in comparison to the Swan, and the beach is very 'un-beach-like' in Victoria,  but I have come to appreciate the city for what it is - an exciting playground where there is always something happening...

beautiful skyline

12 January 2014

new little friend

Meet Sebastian. 


south west

One of the best things about living in Perth is the beautiful South West being only a 2 hour drive away. 

We try to get down here at least twice a year. It's beauty is like no other place and for me personally, it has connections to my childhood, with many a summer holiday spent here. 

There are wineries galore to explore when it is not beach weather. This trip we completed tastings at Vasse Felix & Voyager, as well as the Cheeky Monkey Brewery (the cider there is to die for).

the beautiful seashells holiday apartments. my absolute favourite place to stay in yallingup. 

10 January 2014

small space living

We both currently reside in small spaces.

There will be blog posts to come about how we have managed to make our spaces functional, but here are some 'must haves' for living in a small space.

. A small couch with chaise. a couch with chaise can act as a bit of a room divider for those in a studio.

. A bar table. having a bar table instead of a standard sized table creates the illusion of space. This is what we are after in a small apartment! 

. A moveable island bench.

. An ikea expedit bookshelf. This item is very multifunctional and a must have for storage. 

. Extra storage for the bathroom. most smaller apartments have limited shelving space. a fun trolley can help to create more storage as well as brighten up the space. 

. A luxury candle. 

B & F xx

small apartment living


Some key pieces on the belle | beau lust list.

Love B & F xx


J Brand black jeans

Valentino flat shoes

Rag Bone fedora hat

summer beauty must haves

With summer well and truly underway, my beauty routine has slightly changed to accommodate the increase in temperature. 
These are a few of my favourites - old faithfuls & new friends. 

B x summer beauty must haves

SK II face care

SK II face mask

Stila face makeup
$49 - asos.com

Hourglass cosmetic
$43 - liberty.co.uk

Nars cosmetic