16 April 2014

the body book

When I heard that Cameron Diaz was going to release a book about diet and exercise, I immediately shelved it as yet another celebrity documentation of what to eat, how to exercise and how to look like them.
It wasn't until I was wandering around my local Target that I actually picked the book up and had a flick through. With a 'here we go...' mentality, I got a rather pleasant surprise when I started to take in what was written on the pages.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron (with the help of various professionals in certain fields) has written a 'nutrition and exercise for dummies' type book and has explained in detail (but not too much to get her readers lost!) the science behind what we put into our bodies and how it effects how we feel.
The book was born from her own journey - she was a self-confessed 'junk food addict' until the age of 26, and she couldn't believe the difference she noticed & how much better her body worked when she started to look after herself.

Ever wondered why you feel so icky after skipping breakfast, or not drinking enough water? Yes, it is constantly drilled into us that it is bad for us to create habits such as those, but I would put money on many of us not knowing why. Even me, with a third of a nutrition degree under my belt (I have had an interesting journey to becoming a teacher!!) couldn't have told you why with a convincing answer.

Cameron Diaz
^^gorgeous cameron at a book signing^^
The book also goes into detail on what foods effect your skin in a negative and positive manner, how to combat down moods and also how to keep you energy levels up through both diet and exercise.

The final chapter entitled 'Mind : You've Got This', helps to put all of the information that has been presented into realistic goals, with tips on how to break old habits and combat the temptations that are presented to us in our daily lives.

Cameron Diaz
^^the e-book version^^
This is not a 'weight-loss' book, like many, many other celebrity titles out there. This book is like a beautiful gift of information and education, and we can decide how we want to use this gift. Yes - if you follow what has been written, you will most likely lose weight as it is all about being healthy. But the health component is what is the star of this story, and coming from a celebrity, that is oh-so refreshing!

You can pick up a copy (and I would highly suggest you do!) from your local bookstore, online, or like me - from Target for $21.00. An e-book version is also available for those of you that prefer that way of reading.

To Cameron (and team) : thank you, what a fantastic read.

B xx

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