12 March 2014

new coffee bar : engine room espresso

I've never had a coffee in my life!! Never ever!! Not even a taste... So the whole 'I can't function until I've had my coffee' thing is foreign to me.  I do, however, have a husband who would call himself a 'coffee snob' and doesn't leave the house without 3 espressos consumed. Steve would have to be the toughest coffee critic around and on the rare occasion he says he enjoyed his coffee, we know we must be onto a winner.

Enter Engine Room Espresso :

^^ the rockstar gives his thumbs up ^^

Engine Room Espresso recently got the tick of approval. I am even tempted to give the coffee a go!
Run by 3 firemen (hence the name), it opened last week, & is a boutique coffee shop in the heart of North Perth. It should most definitely be on your list of 'coffee shops to visit'.

^^ work in progress ^^

^^ love the cups! simple & understated are often the most eye catching & memorable ^^

^^ firemen /slash/ baristas ^^

Open weekdays from 6am and Saturdays by 7am - closing time being when you stop coming!

Engine Room Espresso has a really cosy feel to it and although it is small, it has everything you need in an espresso bar. Sit outside in the renovated laneway and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Go and check it out!!! 450c Fitzgerald Street, North Perth.

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Enjoy your coffee!

xx F

Ps.... The view (of the baristas) isn't too bad...hehe

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