16 January 2014

black tie event inspiration

I have worn this Carla Zampatti dress pictured to several events. It sure is a show stopper! 

I love using red when I have an event to go to - a colour I wouldn't normally turn to. Red lipstick( Nars Heat Wave is a favourite) and black OPI nails (we don't want to be too matchy-matchy) or a nude nail for a more classic look.

When wearing a red or bright lip, I like to leave the eyes as natural as possible, lined with black liquid eyeliner. 

I have 2 go- to hair styles for an event. One is side parted waves, the other is a classic ballet bun. This dress definately called for the later. 

When a dress is detailed , I like to keep the shoes timeless a nd simple. These Zara heels are a perfect example. 

B x

                      (alt="nars red lipstick")

Untitled #4

                                        (alt="nars orange lipstick"

                                      (alt="couple in love"

(alt="happy couple"

NARS Cosmetics sheer lipstick

Opi nail varnish
$19 - liberty.co.uk

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  1. Love all these looks! Wish I had a black tie event to go to :( Would love it if you took a look at my blog! I'm brand new to blogging - would be lovely if you could follow me too I think we have similar tastes! I've followed you via Bloglovin' X